Why should I build a new home rather than buy a new one or renovate an old one?

Building a new home provides maximum room for customisation, when it comes to layout, design, fixtures and fittings. On the other hand, buying a house often involves making compromises in one or several aspects – you may find a wall or a beam that looks structurally out of place, or the house has insufficient lighting, or the colours used in a particular room might not be appealing. Often while renovating an old house, unforeseen structural faults come into the picture driving the project cost upwards. Thus, we believe that building a new modern house right from the start, which has all your required facilities is always a better choice and more fulfilling in the long-run.

Do you help in choosing the land to build upon?

For building a good house, especially one that is built to your specific requirements, it is essential that the land that it is built upon is suitable for supporting it. Thus, along with our house building services, we can also help you in choosing the right site for your house to be built upon. Over the years, we have developed several checklists that help us in assessing your land and thus find and determine the most suitable site for your house.

Do you provide demolition services?

We do not provide demolition services ourselves. But we can suggest names of the best companies providing demolition services in your region. And we coordinate with them to ensure that the demolition is in line with your requirements such that your house’s construction and other processes can be kick-started and completed on time.

Do you take religious beliefs into consideration when designing and building homes?

We hold customer satisfaction in high regard and it has been our most important guiding principle towards business success. Thus, we give due consideration to our clients’ religious beliefs and factor them in while designing and building their houses. We are always open to working with your religious or feng-shui consultants, if any.

Do you build swimming pools?

We do not install swimming pools ourselves, but we can set the layout for a third-party service provider of your choice to install it for you.