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We have been in the business of building houses for over 15 years now. And with this experience, we have gained the expertise and craftsmanship in building dream houses for the people. Our houses are not only beautiful, but also strong enough to withstand damages from any and all causes.

We also believe that in a lot of cases, it is just better to knockdown the old house and rebuild a new one, rather than opting for a complete house renovation, as often times during renovation, unforeseen structural faults come into the picture, driving the project cost upwards. A new house which is re-designed as per modern styles can offer a fulfilling living experience while also increasing your property’s overall market value. This can help in earning a good revenue from its sale in future.

So how does the process go? – When building your new house, we first conduct a preliminary site appraisal. Post this, we discuss with you to understand your family and lifestyle requirements, along with your budget and time constraints. This helps us to devise structural plans for your property’s layout. Then comes the selection of the interior designs for the house, the colours, the themes, the fixtures, etc. We take care of everything for you from lighting, plumbing, decor to permits and contracts.

We are professionals in the work that we do, and have gained a reputation over the years to be one of the most reliable building companies in Queensland. When you come to us, you can be assured that your house’s development is in the best hands.

1 review for Home Builder

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    Parren Homes are the #1 Builders of new homes and a full range provider of all home fixtures, plumbing, electrical, and much more!

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